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Hemprotein - Hemp Seed Protein Powder


Great Product! Would love to invest in this company!

Love this stuff!!

I’m so happy my boxing coach recommend Guardian Athletic. Love that the collagen is tasteless, I can add to my coffee or shakes. The protein is amazing as well. Can’t wait to try out all their other products!

One of my now favorties!

When I first tried the tropical flavor I was unsure about it, now it is one of my favorite! Great flavor and helps with rehydration!

Guardian Athletic Rehydration Berry - 12 pack

Recommended to me, works well.

The roll on and drinks seem to be helping with back and neck pain, inflamation.

Feeling Good

Guardian is helping me to quit energy drinks, and I actually feel way better drinking one or two of these on the day than I did drinking up to 5 energy drinks in a day (yeah, it got pretty bad). Plus, with real fruit as flavoring, Guardian tastes better on top of being far more healthy!

Does the job

The lotion is great. Applying a couple times a day and you’re not feeling any pain.

Guardian SportGTape - Menthol

Love it!

This guardian sports tape is great, I run track and it’s a necessity. The infused hemp and menthol is very different but helpful! It doesn’t affect the lasting power of the tape either, definitely buying more! :)

Great product.

I have gotten better sleep at night and a lot more awake during the day. I have felt the effects of it more so than some other products I have tried. I even gave some to family and friends to try and they love it too.


I LOVE this stuff! Gives great hydration, just enough energy so that I’m not shaky from caffeine and tastes great. My favorite is the Tropical flavor.

Amazing cooling effect!

This is basically a better version of Tiger Balm... you feel the immediate cooling effect from applying this, and it really helps relax the muscles. Definitely liked it a lot!

Immediate results... very satisfied!

My husband has sleeping issues and we used this product and saw immediate results in how it helped him sleep. He was getting deeper sleep and feeling more refreshed when he woke up. We also had a great experience with their customer service, y were always very helpful and answered all our questions.

Best flavor!

This is hands down my favorite flavor. Great drinks with awesome benefits!

Great drink with health benefits

Really love the berry flavor best. The company really focuses on the health benefits and delivering the best product for their customers. I definitely felt the positive effects from this drink.

What More Do You Need?

Guardian is everything I always wished typical energy drinks were. Healthy, made with real ingredients, and hydrating as opposed to sugary, fake, and dehydrating. It's been a world of difference for me, and being a lover of berries, the berry flavor is by far my favorite. The others are good too, but I'm personally partial to the berry flavor, and if you're like me in that regard, the berry flavor is an absolute win. If you're not sure which flavor you'd like best, the variety pack is a great way to figure that out!

So, to put it simply, why Guardian? Because it's everything that I want from other energy drinks, but with the benefit of being healthy on top of it all, and they taste great.

Vegan friendly and tasted great

Taste great in my smoothy and didn't clump up that's a sign of a good protein powder. Since it's vegan friendly I gave a friend of mine some and even they agreed it tasted great which so many powders don't. Will be waiting for my next batch soon

Great product

I have been using this daily for the last 2 months and it has deffinatly helps the aches and pains I had been having lately. An added bonus that it doesn't make my asthma act up as many lotions have done in the past. Will deffinatly be ordering more

Great addition

I have been adding this to my water and just about anything else I have been drinking. Since taking guardian I have been alot calmer and to be able to add it to any drink or food has been great. Have noticed being alot calmer and since there is no THC in this my wife and I don't have to worry about loosing her job.

Comfy and great quality

This shirt is great. It slides on and is very breezy great in those 103degree days in the outback. The shirts great quality and has not lost any quality after a few washes.

Super comfortable!!

Both my son and I own these hoodies and they are one of our favorite! They are super comfortable and great to support one of our favorite companies!!

Great boost!

To help with a daily dose of CBD I have been adding my drops to my water, it is amazing I don’t taste anything but definitely feel the difference. I recommend these to friends who need this!

Great for sore muscles

After working out or normal every day Aches and pains I have been using guardian sports lotion. It has helped improve my recovery time and limit the pain which I experience! I would highly recommend to this anyone as I have tried others and they did not work as well.

Great replacement

At the age of 16, I was diagnosed with low blood pressure and the doctor told me to drink Gatorade. For many years I would do this and water it down to help up my electrolytes, then I found the Guardian Athletic Rehydration drinks. I no longer have to water it down or dread knowing I need to make sure my electrolytes are good! I have added drinking at least one bottle a day to my daily routine, which helps keep myself out of trouble and recovery faster after going to the gym. I even completed my first Dri-Tri this month and used it to help recovery. Berry is my go to but love the Tropical as well! I am looking forward to having a drink a recovery drink to help me without having to force myself to drink it. Thank you Guardian for making such an amazing product!