Guardian™ is a trusted source for athletic hemp extract performance products. We guarantee quality with our lab-certified hemp extract and organic ingredients.

Our principles are honest, active lifestyles need healthy alternatives. No sugary sports drinks, dubious diets, or unnatural substances. Improve your grind with organic hemp products for every kind of go-getter. Protect. Perform. Recover.™ from your everyday life through your toughest workouts.

Who are we?

Founded by athletes and hemp farmers, we’re a group of weekend warriors who embrace the grind of life and sport. From friends and fellow athletes, people in our circle know our back-breaking routine. Over time they all question our durability, asking "How do you keep up with the demand of your lifestyle?" To us, it’s a simple answer, hemp extract. We put in over a year's worth of research and product development to make the safest and most effective performance product line on the market for active and athletic lifestyles. But it doesn't stop there, we're committed every day to further the groundbreaking innovation of hemp extract research.