Guardian Athlete - Abraham 'El Monstro' Ayala

October 20, 2020 2 min read

Abraham 'El Monstro' Ayala is a 22 year old Mexican-American Amateur MMA fighter who's been training in the sport since he was 15. He was born in Nogales, Arizona and spent most of his youth living across different parts of the United States. As a kid who moved frequently it was hard for him to make a commitment to traditional academic sports.  

When he was 15 his family moved to Bolivia and his father opened an MMA gym to help him cope with living in a new country. But before he started training he was already in love with the sport - watching local and professional fights whenever he got the chance. When he started training it didn't take long before he found his way into his first amateur fight. He's embraced everything the sport has taught him. It's helped him move forward no matter the challenge, and taught him the discipline it takes to overcome adversity.

If you visit Abraham's instagram feed, you'll soon discover he's one of the hardest working individuals in the sport. He's embraced his journey and committed to his climb to the top, his goal is to hold a title in professional MMA. He currently boasts a 4-0 amateur record all by ways of finish, punches and submission.  

The road to the title isn't easy, sometimes being an adult and having responsibilities can make it challenging. It can take a toll on your body and mind but you have to stay focused on the prize and keep looking for ways to increase your motivation to grow. He's always looking for new routines, techniques, and products to improve his game.

El Monstro punching an opponent in the face.

My dream is to fulfill my highest potential, and purpose in God. I want to be able to show people that there is hope, that anything can be done, and that there’s no mountain too big!


  • Undefeated fighter 4-0 in MMA
  • 100% Finish Rate - No fight has gone past the 2nd Round
  • 1-0 in kickboxing
  • 2 Fighting for Tuff-N-Uff MMA

Dreams and Goals

  • Fighting Professional MMA
  • Winning a Championship Belt
  • Giving his family a successful future.
El Monstro with his team after winning the fight

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Guardian Athletic
Guardian Athletic

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